Many small businesses do not have the time to focus on their marketing, they neglect their social media, their website may not be up to date, they may struggle to find content or lack the inspiration to promote new or existing products or services. Often, small businesses also lack the budget to employ a marketer and the thought of approaching an agency may seem daunting.

Harriet Brown PR can integrate into your office or business life providing marketing and public relations support from as little as 2 hours a week, in your office, remotely or on location.

All prospective clients get a free telephone consultation, followed by a business proposal. Should the client take up Harriet Brown PR's services, Harriet likes to meet each client in their work place to really get a flair for the business and become an ambassador of the product or service.

Harriet Brown PR does not insist on any retainers or minimum term contracts. Nor does Harriet Brown PR work with any big corporate agencies. Harriet can work with clients on an ongoing basis or for ad hoc assignments from just £15 per hour. That way clients can utilise what budget they have on areas they need to prioritise the most.



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